What you think you understand about the science of God and how it manifests in the realm of the natural sciences as well as human behavior is incomplete until you have the chance to learn from Rabbi Brandon Gaines. He is a skilled negotiator; all that he asks of you is a small commitment: an open mind. A committed spiritual educator, Rabbi Gaines uses his vast martial arts skills and expertise in Chinese medicine and the natural sciences to weave ancient knowledge with the most modern scientific thought, showing the two are One. An old soul, a messenger of knowledge, Rabbi Gaines defies every stereotype, having lived a diverse and multi-faceted life which allows him to engage with any person at any stage on any subject. In an hour’s conversation with him, you’ll find yourself learning about the teachings of the Rambam (Maimonides), understanding Einstein’s theories in a manner you’ve never before entertained, while also discussing ‘Enter the Dragon’ and Maroon Five. His charisma isn’t just refreshing, it’s how he easily engages a wider audience in the things they find alienating, and bring them home. Rabbi Gaines is teaching ancient, often misunderstood ideas which have to compete with a whole host of modern-day distractions vying for our attention.
Constructive Conflict
Always Look Below
Evil Has Two Faces
Fires Within/Fires Without
Going Down To Rise
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